Importance of First Aid and CPR in Vietnam

CPR doubles a victim’s chance of survival in cases of cardiac arrest. With traffic conditions in Vietnam, it is vital in preserving life until the arrival of an ambulance with advanced life-support equipment on board. It must be administered as soon as possible after heart failure in order to avoid brain damage and give the victim a shot at survival—and advanced life support must be given within eight minutes.

A non-medical professional who has learned CPR only needs to concern themselves with prolonging life in the initial stages of the emergency. Begin with 100–120 chest compressions per minute. Verbal instructions can be given over the phone by dialing the HCMC emergency response number *9999—follow the guidance of the call-taker and continue CPR until the ambulance arrives. If the patient is unconscious, make sure you call the emergency number first unless someone else is with you who can make the call. Classes in CPR and first aid techniques are regularly held at Family Medical Practice’s District 2 clinic.

If you see someone having a cardiac arrest in Saigon, dial Family Medical Practice’s emergency medical response hotline *9999 to receive emergency medical response.

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